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Billion 800VGT Quick Start Guide 20K order 3 setup in the correct IP range. Note that the Billion 800VGT has a default IP address of, so your computer needs to be setup in the following range 10.0.0.x. Also setup your default gateway and DNS server to point to the IP address of the Billion 800VGT. Once you have made your selection and confirmed that it is indeed the network Default Router Passwords | I’m sure that many others share my woes, so I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of default router login information (usernames and passwords) for router models manufactured by a Billion 5012NV-002: IP Address: Username:admin: Password:itpassw: Billion 501R: IP Address: Username:N/A: Password:N/A: Billion How To Setup A Billion 400G Router - iSAT Click on Save Config to apply current settings and finish the setup of the Billion 400G router. This will save your settings and restart your router. This will take around 1-2 minutes. You should be able to connect to the Internet afterwards. Should you need assistance setting up your Trendnet Router, please feel free to call us on 086 123 4728. How to Set Static IP Addresses On Your Router

Hello, I have always used a modem/router until I bought a EA6700. I now have my Billion 7800N (as pure bridge with DHCP disabled) sitting behind my new router. I am able to get on to the internet through the router. My modem ip is (default ip) and my router ip is My home LAN range startes after

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- What is my modem/router's default IP address/password? The default IP address/password for your ADSL modem or router should be one of the following: Alcatel SpeedTouch Home/Pro – (no default password) Alcatel SpeedTouch 510/530/570 – (no default password) Asus RT-N16 – (default password admin) Billion BIPAC-711 CE – (default password admin) Telkom VPN-Lite router setup User Manual Billion 810VGTX 1. IP Management: a. Telnet to the Billion 810VGTX using the router’s LAN IP address (default = using this command: “telnet”. This will access the Billion 810VGTX’s CLI interface allowing you to send setup commands. On successful connection, you will be prompted for a login and password (defaults: admin & admin). BILLION 400G USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib Billion 400G Router Configuring with your Web Browser Open your web browser, enter the IP address of your router, which by default is, and click “Go”, a user name and password window prompt will appear. The default username and password are “admin” and “admin” Page 19: Chapter 4: Configuration Find the IP address of your router | Computerworld