Sep 13, 2015 · bt.allow_same_ip = true bt.connect_speed= 28 bt.progressive_piece_span_mb= 1 gui.show_nottorrents_node = False gui.update_rate = 2000 net.max_halfopen = 500 net.outgoing_port= 50 peer.disconnect_inactive_inerval = 125 rss.update_interval= 20 After the changes are made, Click Apply and Ok. Then Restart your Utorrent or Bittorrent and Enjoy your

Seguidamente hacemos clic en la sección de “Avanzadas” y veremos una opción que dice “bt_allow_same_ip”. Aquí debemos verificar que efectivamente tenemos colocando un “True”. Por último, elige de una vez lo que vayas a descargar y dale clic derecho con el ratón para poder acceder a la opción donde dice “Asignar ancho de 고급설정' 에서 'bt.allow_same_ip' 를 거짓 -> 참 으로, 'rss.update_interval' 항목을 20으로 'dht.rate' 항목을 2로 변경합니다. 2017.08. 1.Alter bt.allow_same_ip change values from False to True 2.Alter the bit.connect_speed value from 7 to 130 by using the set value option 3.Alter the dht.rate from -1 to 2 4Alter gui.show_nontorrents_nodes from True to False 5.Alter net.max_halfopen from 100 to 200 6.Alter rss.update _interval from 15 to 20 Mar 27, 2013 · bt.allow_same_ip – True bt.connect_speed – 20 bt.enable_tracker – True bt.no_connect_to_services – False bt.send_have_to_seed – False dht,rate – 2 gui.bypass_search_redirect – True gui.delete_to_trash – False ipfilter.enable – False net.outgoing_port – 50 net.wsaevents – 150 peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – 900

Step 2: Look for ‘bt.allow_same_ip’ and set it to ‘True’ also set the value of setting to ‘True’. Step 3: Now locate for ‘gui.show_notorrents_node’ and set it to ‘False’. Step 4: Now look for ‘rss.update_interval’ and set it to 20. That’s it. Apply the changes and restart the uTorrent for a greater speed. Here is the

May 21, 2009 · Bt.allow_same_ip true Bt.enable_tracker true Bt.no_connect_to_services false Bt.send_have_to_seed false Dht.rate 2 Gui.bypass_search_redirect true Ipfilter.enable false Net.max_halfopen 66 Net.wsaevents 150 Peer.disconnect_inactive_interval 900 Queue_dont_count_slow_dl false Queue_dont_count_slow_ul false Rss.update_interval 20

Oct 25, 2017 · Hello, dear sir I am using BSNL Ev-Do wireless internet modem. I have already installed DAP-9 I get good speed for downloading MP3 and wallpapers but it could not enhance the downloads speed of the torrents of movies, right now I am using Vuze torrents is there any way to enhance that speed I am getting round about 1 kbps which is really insufficient to download the movies send me some tips

With the help of this forum I managed to circumvent that problem by setting bt.allow_same_ip to true. I do not know why, but this does no longer work. Currently I have at most one incomming connection per torrent, and I cannot find the setting "bt.allow_same_ip" under preferences/advanced anymore.