Jun 23, 2020

Oct 19, 2017 Top 10 reasons why computers do not have network access to I have 3 computers 1 laptop & 2 desktops I can access 1 that is connected to the wifi router but can not access the other 2 don't know why. I have set all settings to share & ran services.msc rebooted but still access the others don't know where to go from here. U can contact me @ cpuelite@gmail.com Solved: Why can my Dell Laptop connect to wifi but not get Why can my Dell Laptop connect to wifi but not get internet through it? Jump to solution I have a dell vostro 3400, and I can connect to any wifi network, and while other computers can get internet through them, I can only get limited access. Windows 10 laptop cannot access network computers Solved

Windows XP: Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to Secure Web

12 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

I can't access the internet neither by wireless, nor by ethernet. Other computer and android phone can access the wireless. When I click on the wireless icon , I can see the various networks, including my own. However, it says, "No Internet, secured."

My PC was updated automatically today and after that I cannt able to access the internet due some proxy setting. I can able to ping but cannt able to access websites Solution > Firefox Go to tools > options> advanced > network. Click on setting and check no proxy IE7 Tools> Internet options > Connections > Lan setting > Check proxy server. Aug 19, 2018 · Can't reliably access my router setup screen after W10 in Network and Sharing I have three computers wired to my D-Link DSL-504T modem/router. Since upgrading two of my PCs to Widows 10 Pro (activated, clean install) I can no longer get reliable access to my routers configuration screen ( through these PCs, Oct 21, 2011 · The wireless at home is not protected. I had one worker run the laptop as Windows XP and it connected to their home wireless. I think there is a setting in Windows 7 professional that I can't find. Is there a third party firewall, other than win 7 firewall itself? If there is, uninstall it for the time being & see how it goes. Now it won’t even load the first initial YouTube homepage it just gives that page right away. I can’t access the internet at all with the laptop but can with the phone. I tried doing a personal hotspot with the phone and the laptop said it was connected but it wouldn’t load anything on that either. Oh well. Oct 27, 2013 · I would start looking at your internet service (Modem/Router). If both network devices in your notebook are working properly then most likely your internet service is down (provider issue), or you just need to reboot your cable/DSL modem and router.