More info on when you need a TV licence. I don’t watch any live channels or BBC iPlayer. Only watch on demand movies and shows on the Entertainment, Cinema, Kids or hayu Passes, and don’t watch BBC iPlayer? Then you’ll need to tell TV Licensing that you don’t need a TV licence.

BBC must do more for older people after TV licence fee Jun 11, 2019 Do I need a TV Licence and how much does it cost? What countries pay TV Licence? Many countries require people to pay for a TV Licence or a tax that funds their public broadcaster. Ireland, France, Italy, Japan and South Africa are just a few examples of countries that have a system similar to the UK’s. How much is a TV Licence? TV Licence for colour TV is priced at £157.50 per household Do I need a TV Licence to watch Netflix, Amazon or Sky

Further information about this is available on the TV Licensing website. Accordingly, you will need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you use our "Now" viewing service to watch our channels

The TV Licence: who needs one, who doesn't, and getting a

TV viewers who refuse to pay the BBC licence fee can expect to avoid being prosecuted in future, in a move by Boris Johnson that could lead to the fee being scrapped altogether.

Apr 30, 2009 How to trick the Government into paying your over-75 TV Jun 12, 2019 TV Licence could cost more for people in larger homes, BBC