I want to check the internet usage of everything below my dd-wrt device, which is not the DHCP. I do not care about "Modem Router DHCP" data traffic. I've installed YAMon 4.0.7 on dd-wrt but it's showing basically nothing. I've enabled rflow and redirected it to a raspberry pi with ntopng but I can't figure out how to get what I need.

I'm grateful for Rflow and DD-WRT It does the job for free with minimal installation and no additional software, research or programming. Steve. Jeff Liebermann. 05-25-08, 04:53 PM. On Sun, 25 May 2008 10:48:05 -0700 (PDT), seaweedsl wrote: DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Rflow interface issue Jun 26, 2009 #2087 (rflow high CPU usage in build 16994) – DD-WRT

By default, DD-WRT is configured as an open / unsecured AP with the wireless name 'dd-wrt'. If you want to use the router as a repeater bridge, you will need to change a few settings. This is a relatively straightforward process, which will be shown in this tutorial.

Mar 05, 2015 · Back in the DD-WRT router QoS page, enter the MAC address (68-17-29-B5-D2-81 ) in this case into the MAC address field and press Add Note: the MAC address above is for demonstration only. The MAC address of each PC or device will be different based on manufacturer.

These are the features available in the Standard version of DD-WRT. Other versions, such as the Micro or Mini, may lack some specific features to lower the package size. This list uses content from the WRT Wiki article "What is DD-WRT" as retrieved on September 24, 2006 , which is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 .

GitHub - bthaase/DDWarden: NodeJS-based netflow collector It acts as an RFlow and MACupd collector for use with DD-WRT Routers to gather information about network traffic between your local devices and the WAN interface. The vast majority of the netflow data is discarded, as this tool is only intended to give you a traffic breakdown per device, over a given timeframe. All Things DDWRT