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Select LiveSafe (or Total Protection) Console. Click the Firewall icon if it is not selected. Click the padlock icon if it is locked, and type your Mac's administrator credentials. Under the Type drop-down option, change the Type from Public to Home or Work. Close the Firewall window.

The steps below show how to remove or uninstall your McAfee software from a PC running Windows using the standard Windows removal steps. If you have a problem with removal, you might have to run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR). … How to uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Apr 30, 2018

Total Uninstaller's official website provides the most effective program uninstall way, professional removal tool and the newest version for you! Just get start to manage the program removal easily. Delete excess VPN connection from Internet Connect - Mac OS X allows you to create VPN connections -- as many as you like -- through Internet Connect, but it won't let you remove unused ones. To do this, you need to manually erase them from /Library -> Preferences -> SystemConfiguration -> preferences.plist by either editing that file with vi or Property List Editor (the latter is much safer and faster, but requires the Developer Tools / XCode How to remove malware from a Mac or PC | NortonLifeLock How to remove malware from a PC Step 1: Disconnect from the internet. Disconnecting from the internet will prevent more of your data from being sent to a malware server or the malware from spreading further. Step 2: Enter safe mode. If malware is set to load automatically, this will prevent the malware from loading, making it easier to remove.