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Get transaction details | Google Pay for India | Google Sep 12, 2018 State Bank of Hyderabad Making a Status Enquiry. To enquire status of a transaction: Click Payments/Transfers > Status Enquiry.A Status Enquiry page displays the transaction reference number, transaction type, date, amount and status for all Internet transactions as shown in Figure 1.; Figure 1: Top: Figure 2: Click a transaction reference number shown in Figure 1 to view details of a single transaction.

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The CAPS Transaction History report lists the transactions received during the specified date range and sorts the results by Transaction Number, Permit Number, City, or Customer Reference ID Number. CAPS generates two versions of the report, one for customers with … Server Postback Tracking Explained | TUNE Help Server Postback with Transaction ID. This postback tracking protocol uses transaction IDs—unique identification codes generated when users click on offers—to track individual clicks and their potential conversions. This identifier is sent to the advertisers along with click parameters relevant to that offer, including the offer ID.® - USPS Tracking®

Jul 19, 2020