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The AMD Radeon drivers let me overclock to 81Hz without even needing CRU. Also just overclocking isn’t remotely enough. If your display is skipping frames then the Overclock is worthless. How to Overclock Your Monitor with a Nvidia Graphics Card The Best Mesh WiFi Router System of 2019. The Best SSD of 2019. Most monitors are able to overclock to somewhere between 65Hz to 80Hz with some monitors capable of … Solved: Nighthawk X6 R8000 providing slow speeds - NETGEAR That modem/Router should be put into BRIDGE mode so it only sends out the Internet signal to the R8000. "I am unsure of my SSID's since I don't know how to check them. I do have smart connect on if that matters." With Smart Connect enabled the ROUTER determines what BAND (2.4 and 5Ghz) the device will connect to. It isn't that 'smart' and I Overclock and Seriously Amplify a Linksys Wi-Fi Router The WRT54GL is a hacker's dream Wi-Fi router, capable of running third-party firmware and upping its signal power internally. A brave Instructables user shows how to go whole-hog on the blue box