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I have over 20 Dedicated IPs from IP Burger, and they work flawlessly and connect fast with a simple, clean VPN client. The service they provide is top notch; your support ticket is usually answered within minutes or an hour max. A dedicated IP VPN is simply a VPN service with which you can get a static IP address. There will typically be a limited number of server locations on which dedicated IPs can be installed, far fewer than the overall number of server locations that VPN has. With a shared IP address, you are sharing the same virtual address with many other VPN users. With a dedicated IP address, your virtual IP address is not used by any other users. Pros and Cons of Using a Dedicated IP Address. A dedicated IP address has a few advantages compared to a shared one. With a dedicated address, you always have the same A Virtual Private Network (VPN) from What the Server in Florida allows you to create a secure and private connection to another computer over the Internet. What the Server’s VPN service, uses encryption to hide what you are doing online from your ISP or local regulators. 1 day ago · Look for VPN services that offer a "dedicated IP address," "dedicated IP" or "static IP." Additional features like these will always allow you to access content from Netflix through a VPN service. An IP address you receive from VPN service is usually shared IP address. It means that other users of VPN service connected to the same server may get the same IP address. So, IP address looks like shared among users. With static personal IP your address is dedicated, unique and not shared with anyone else. So, this IP address belongs to you only Stream and Browse with Confidence Get Instant Access a more secure and open Internet Watch U.S. Netflix or Hulu from any country Become anonymous online. No logs. Unblock all geo-restricted content Enter Your Email & Click ‘Get IPBurger VPN” #1 Unblock the Web IPBurger defeats content restrictions and censorship to deliver unlimited access to video, … VPN Service Read More »

IP VPN Dedicated Services Service Level Agreement 1. Service Level Agreement Categories Company offers the following Service Level Agreements (collectively, the "SLAs") for Customer's IP VPN Dedicated Service and Local Access provided by the Company Network as defined below (referred to herein as "IP VPN Dedicated").

A dedicated IP is a unique address provided to you as an add-on. Users never share dedicated IPs with each other, which has several advantages. While shared VPN IP’s may offer greater anonymity, dedicated IP VPN service can offer greater privacy for many use cases.

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Dedicated IP + VPN = Next-Level Online Security. VPN ensures that your remain anonymous on the web and dedicated IP gives you more power over your online reputation and better accessibility options. So, using a dedicated IP VPN is like having best of both worlds. Dedicated IPs are available for 6 and 12 month accounts only. The Details. A VPN with a dedicated or static IP address is useful when playing online game or logging into certain services (such as banks, Paypal or e-mail provider). Many of these services will simply reject your attempt to connect if you are on a dynamic VPN service.